Welcome To LCES

The La Sallian Community Education Services is a nonprofit organization based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We focus on educating the youth of our community and providing them with readily employable skills. We also focus on supporting parents and community members to make healthier life choices, and believe compassion is paramount in all our endeavours.

Please Donate

We would sincerely appreciate any and all donations to our organzation. While we provide great social services to our community, we do not yet recieve money from the government due to Sri Lankan legal issues. We are commited to providing total transperancy of where your money goes, and again wholeheartedly thank you for anything that you can contribute.

What We Do

We provide a safe, secure, and enriching environment for Sri Lanka’s youth to empower Sri Lanka’s youth and provide them with key skills that they need to get employed.

There is no individual solution for breaking the cycle of poverty. Unemployment amongst young adults from areas of extreme poverty is much greater than unemployment amongst the general population. Lack of education and training are frequently identified as primary causes of unemployment for young adults from impoverished communities such as the ones we are assisting in Colombo.

Additionally, there is a mismatch between the education and skills that job seekers have and what the local economy desires. Youth unemployment has a profound effect on families in impoverished communities, as waiting for employment poses a greater burden on poorer families. Poverty and unemployment rates are disproportionately high in vulnerable groups such as youth and woman. Unemployment not only has an economic effect, but it has a long term negative impact on a young adult’s self-confidence.

The La Sallian Community Education Center seeks to channel the energies of Sri Lanka’s youth into doing something productive, and equips them with much needed life skills to help them enjoy better lives asthey grow into adults.


Community Involment

The La Sallian Community Educaiton Services Center believes that the only way to create sustainable development in our community is through the collective efforts of all its constituents. We believe that the youth, their parents, and our workers need to work together to create lasting positive change.

Youth Education

We teach our youth readily employable skills and how to be self-sufficient in Sri Lanka’s turbulent economy. We do our best to place them into jobs that suit their interests and offer career counseling to help them make better decisions.

Parent Education

Doctors, health workers, and field workers all address the parents about the progres of their youth, and provide necessary information on how to live healthy lives.

Community Education

Occasionally members of our community come together to celebrate and bond with one another. The annual Sinhala/Tamil New Year’s celebration is one such occasion (pictured above).

Jobs Placed

Faculty On-Site

Community Workers

Students in Training

Please feel free to reach out to us anytime if you would like to inquire more

about our services and become a part of our community.