About Our Team

All of our Board Members are wholeheartedly dedicated to improving the lives of Sri Lanka’s youth and providing them with employable skills.

We are committed to improving the lives of our community members through compassion, understanding, and love.

Rev. Br. Kirupairatnam

Community Director

Br. Kirupa is currently the Religious Community Director of Brothers at the Lasallian Community Education Services in Mutwal. He mainly animates the De La Salle Brothers who are serving at LCES and schools around.

He has been a teacher for the last 16 years in various schools such as st. Xavier’s College – Mannar, Mn/ Andankulam M.V. – Adampan, and Mn/ Pallimunai M.V. – Mannar. At present he serves as the Sectional Head for Tamil Classes at St. Antony’s College – Wattala.

Br. Kirupa attended undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Jaffna. 

Rev. Br. Mervyn Lambert

Executive Director

Rev. Br. Granville Perera


Br. Granville Perera has been a Religious Brother in the congregation of De La Salle Brothers for the last 47 years. He served as Principal of St. Sebastian College – Moratuwa, De Mazenod College – Kandana, St. Benedict’s College – Kotahena and La Salle Englsih Medium School – Kotakena from 1987 to 2015. He is presently an executive Director of Sri Lanka Technical Institute and Diyagala Boys’ Town  in Ragama.

Br. Granville graduated from the University of Punjab, Pakistan with degree in Sociology and he served in La Salle High School in Multan, Pakistan for a period of 4 years.

Mr. Christy


Kenny Sing

Lead Graphic Designers

Mitch Skolnik*

Community Manager

Br. Bertram Perera has been a Religious Brother in the congregation of De La Salle Brothers for the last 43 years. He commenced his teaching career at St. Sebastian’s College – Moratuwa in 1977 and continued at De Mazenod College – Kandana until 2002. He served as the Director of the St. Benedict’s College and then the Principal of De Mazenod College until 2016. Currently he is the Principal of La Salle English Medium School at Kotahena, Colombo.  

Br. Bertram graduated from the De La Salle University in Manila with Masters in Educational Management.

Rev. Br. Christy Croos


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