We want to make our youth prosper.

Our Services

We provide multiple thorough and intensive vocational traning programs for our youth, as well as on-site career counseling to assist them to make the best decisions that they can for their future. We work hard to place them into proper jobs upon graduation and follow-up with alumni to ensure their continued success. Parents are also proivded with access to healthcare facilities, information, and other serivces that enable them to ensure the health and well being of their entire family.

“Our mission is to empower Sri Lanka’s youth by giving them the skills they need to navigate Lanka’s turbulent job market, and do so through the utmost kindness and compassion.”

Rev. Br. Mervyn

Executive Director, LCES

Dress Making

This course will provide a comprehensive and stimulating education for those aspiring to start a career in the fashion industry.  The course enables you with the foundational skills relevant to the pattern and design development as well as numerous sewing techniques.


To further advance your career in dressmaking, this course will expand on your knowledge of a variety of garment making techniques to creating intricate embroidery designs.  Your career in textiles will develop into other opportunities in the garment industry with this specialty.

Beauty Culture

If you are looking for a career to express your creativity with lots of growth potential, beauty culture classes are for you!  Our course will give you the fundamentals to make a life-long career in the beauty industry, specifically skin care, facials, make-up and bridal dressing.

Electrical Wiring

This program in electrical wiring provides the theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to prepare graduates for a career in electrical wiring.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to learn more about our services!